The question of absence

April 15, 2013

With an all-consuming office move just completed, we’ve been away from writing for a while, which got us thinking about... View Article

The friendship lens

March 4, 2013

All promotion, marketing and communications efforts are designed to increase your value proposition and spur positive action. They’re based on... View Article

When controversy strikes

December 4, 2012

Information flows openly and quickly. Controversy can strike in moments.   Nonprofit organizations are particularly at risk for scrutiny, as they... View Article

The view from here

August 7, 2012

This time of year, many of us travel elsewhere to seek a different view or experience. When it comes to... View Article

Lessons from Ikea

July 2, 2012

Sleek. Simple. Inexpensive. That’s why we shop there. Ikea knows it. And they’re brilliant at reminding us that they know... View Article

Fun with politics

June 14, 2012

It’s Flag Day.  And the drama of the election season is heating up. Here’s how you can tap into some... View Article