Splash of the week

August 20, 2012

Thank goodness we had another worthwhile television event to distract us after the Olympics. Shark Week! This year marks the... View Article


August 14, 2012

 BIG * BOLD * BRIEF * CONNECT * TRANSFORM * IMMERSE In the afterglow of the octopus-laden extravaganza that was... View Article

Consistency matters

August 13, 2012

   Know your message. Know why it’s your message. Don’t get bored of your message. Stay consistent.

Is it yours?

August 9, 2012

In the wake of the ruckus over Jonah Lehrer’s fabricated quotes in his best-selling book, Imagine, I was looking through... View Article

The view from here

August 7, 2012

This time of year, many of us travel elsewhere to seek a different view or experience. When it comes to... View Article

The next generation

July 27, 2012

 **Disclaimer — The writer of this post is not a Millennial. These days, it’s impossible to miss the fact that... View Article

It’s a journey

July 25, 2012

Your connection with your donors is like any relationship.  You want it to be satisfying and enriching. And like any... View Article

Renew your renewals

July 23, 2012

Your renewing supporters provide you with reliable, low-cost revenue that helps your organization thrive. The added bonus of a solid... View Article

Are you really saving money?

July 9, 2012

Budgets are tight.  Expenses are under the microscope. And your stewardship communications are an easy target.  E-mail acknowledgements vs. print... View Article

The freedom to dream

July 4, 2012

With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in America, it’s understandable that we expend a lot of energy worrying about... View Article