Welcome Kristie!

November 26, 2019

Kristie Perry
LKA welcomes Kristie Perry as Development Strategist.

Kristie brings to her role a deep love of philanthropy, respect for nonprofit professionals, and significant on-the-ground experience in nonprofit fundraising.

For more than 20 years, Kristie has raised funds and awareness for campaigns, candidates, and nonprofit organizations that work to protect the environment, fight climate change, build bike lanes, strengthen consumer protection laws, create affordable housing, deliver healthcare, rescue dogs, and provide veterinary care to low- and no-income pet lovers.

From capital campaign conceptualization to data management, Kristie has performed just about every development and communication task imaginable. She takes great pleasure in creating content, collateral, and appeals that move people to action, whether that means making a gift, attending an event, contacting an elected official, volunteering, or voting. Her work results in high donor retention rates, significant revenue growth, and events that fill rooms, generate excitement, and raise funds for the mission.

When not working hard to build a more fair, just, and healthy world, you will find Kristie puttering in her yard or chasing her husband and dog up a mountain.

Welcome Kristie!