January goal: Keep your donors close

January 10, 2019

Take a deep breath with me for a moment…. Now smile….


You make it to January. Your year-end appeals went out. Donors responded. Your hard work paid off. Results are being analyzed. And just like that – year-end fundraising is over!

Or is it?

Don’t worry…. Keep breathing…. And think of it this way: In November and December your donors heard from your organization a lot. Perhaps with more frequency, urgency, and enthusiasm than at any other point in the year – especially online.

When you compare your digital strategy in December to that of January, does it shift from feast to famine? Are you having an email hangover? Ready for a digital detox?

Before you give your email list and social channels a brief rest, take this golden opportunity to proclaim the impact of your donors’ gifts.

For those who gave, and for prospects who were paying attention to your campaign, now is the perfect time to make sure they know that their recent gifts are already at work creating a better future. This is especially true for any new donors added at year-end.

Now is the time to keep them close.

What will your donors’ generosity create in 2019? In the next month? Today?

  • Keep it brief and inspiring.
  • Focus on the tangible.
  • Send email with videos, stories, photos, and infographics.
  • Post an Instagram story of a staff member sharing their personal 2019 work inspiration.

Keep those good vibes going.

Your future self will thank you as you plan your next campaign.

–Lindsay Benedict, Fundraising & Digital Strategies