Look back & think ahead

September 13, 2018

Year-end fundraising season is upon us.

Giving Tuesday is only ten weeks away – the most important weeks of the year are right behind – and America remains mired in political turmoil, which benefits some organizations and challenges others.

How will you respond?

The strongest approach is to both look back and think ahead to build a profitable strategy with measurable goals and proven tactics.

In fundraising you always want to begin with a base of knowledge to avoid reinventing the wheel and adding risk to your program.

So, start by looking back to review last year’s campaign. What worked? What didn’t work? What would you have liked to execute but perhaps lacked time, resources, or technology?

Then, using this intelligence as your base, look ahead to build your strategy for this year. Retain the best of last year then seek out areas where you can add new initiatives, especially on digital platforms.

Be sure to consider whether any elements in your messaging should be updated or changed in order to resonate right now. And always seek out ways to raise more money than you did last year.

When building your plan, keep in mind that the most assertive and targeted organizations typically raise the most funds.

And don’t forget to get creative. Set aside some time to think deeply about the look and feel of all of your campaign elements in order to build a strong suite of appeals designed to capture attention, exude passion and need, and gather maximum support.