That donate button

July 9, 2018

Does your donate button really matter? Yes, it does.

Whether it’s people who come to your site with the express purpose of making a donation, or those who initially come for other content, the button is key to ensuring maximum site conversions.

Here are six quick “to-do’s” for maximum donation button effectiveness:

  1. It’s a different, higher-profile color than the navigation and header
  2. It’s usually placed in the upper right corner
  3. It has visual room to breathe
  4. It’s larger than the surrounding navigation
  5. The font is both larger and distinct to the content around it
  6. It persists on each page throughout the site

A few of these tactics may not be popular with a designer seeking a sleek look and feel all across the page, but these tactics are essential to maximizing donations. And there is usually a way to find common ground if you work together towards a solution.

It’s also a good idea to test various text options on the button to determine what works best for your organization’s visitors (Donate, Donate Now, Contribute, Give Now, Make a Gift, etc.)