Prep your donation form: 8 easy steps

July 5, 2018

The fall fundraising season this year is likely to be dramatic, crowded, and increasingly web- and mobile-driven. This is the time to ensure that your donation form employs maximum best practices to reduce donation abandonment and increase participation and revenue.

Here are 8 easy steps you can take to be sure your program is ready:

  • A click on the donate button should send the donor directly to the form, not to another explanatory or case-building page
  • The form should fit easily on a single page and should not have multiple “next” click-through pages
  • Include only the essential information needed to complete a donation
  • Do not include any links not related to donation completion
  • The gift ladder should contain seven or fewer level options, including a donor choice option
  • Lead with donation information, not gifts or giving benefits
  • Include a brief, powerful statement at the top that re-connects the donor with the mission and impact of their gift
  • The “submit” button should deliver the donor to a warm and welcoming thank you page expressing gratitude and including contact information for questions or concerns

If you use an external vendor for your forms, do not hesitate to contact them to advocate for best practices if the templates offered don’t fully measure up. It’s their job to provide you with the strongest possible tools for fundraising.