Get ready for election season

May 30, 2018

If you noticed the large volume of mail surrounding primary elections in your area, consider it a mere taste of what’s to come this fall in advance of the general election.

With over-crowded mailboxes and in-boxes a certainty, it’s important to develop your fall plan now to give you the best chance of standing out and securing the support you need for your organization.

Especially if your organization isn’t related to the political agenda (but also if it is), here are three key strategies to consider and decide on now:

  1. What are the best mail dates? Check when you typically mail in the fall, and make sure your target mail dates this year aren’t too close to election timing when things will be extremely heated up. Be sure to also allow a little space after the election to avoid donor fatigue.
  2. What’s your strongest message? If your organization is touched at all by politics or legislation, it’s important to consider whether you think it’s strongest to hit it head-on in your messaging, to take a different angle that’s non-political, or whether a mix of both might be best.
  3. What graphic treatment is most likely to encourage readers to open and engage with your mailing? Imagine it arriving in the midst of a pile of other appeals and promotional postcards. Settle on a plan that will get your donors to look at your package and take it seriously.

Times of disruption and heightened activity in politics, news – and the mail – can cause drastically different response rates (up and down) compared to other times.

Planning ahead to build the strongest possible scenario for donor response is the best course of action.