Us V. You

January 8, 2018

Last week, thank you notes from organizations far and wide arrived in mailboxes and in-boxes.

It’s a keen reminder that donor-centric copy still matters, especially in the important work of acknowledging the generosity of our supporters.

Many emails led with ideas such as, “We did it!” “We met our year-end fundraising goal.” “We helped solve so much.” “Our vision will extend into 2018.”

Yet the communications that rose above, spoke directly to each donor. “You created change.” “You made meaningful contributions to the world around us.” “You inspired and energized this cause.”

In leading with the donor’s values, a stronger, more memorable story is shared.

So, now you have one easy resolution for 2018: Check for “we” and “us” in every communication, and work to rewrite it as “you” and “yours.”

This one small thing can make a profound difference to your donor connections.