Seriously impressive

November 30, 2017

With Giving Tuesday under our belts (early tallies show up to a 30% increase over last year), and the season of giving in full swing, it’s essential to make sure that within the frenzy of asking… asking… asking… you have a strong plan for saying THANK YOU.

It’s not just a question of whether you’re sending an acknowledgement letter. It’s a question of how your gratitude efforts can create a strong and memorable impression.

Amidst so much need and so many social, cultural and civic organizations vying for support, differentiation matters.

The Friends of the Hennepin County Library recently executed a perfect example. After their mid-November GiveMN nonprofit fundraising day, handwritten postcards were sent to all donors. This one arrived (half-way across the country) in an impressive four days!

Everything about this is right: It’s warm. It’s personal. It’s mission-centered. It’s timely. And it says loud and clear, “We care about you.”

How will you make your donor experience memorable this month and in the year to come?

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