Online visitors = fundraising opportunity

July 14, 2017

A couple of weeks ago we talked about tracking online metrics for better fundraising. Here are three simple game-changers:

  1. Have a large, clear, bold, stand-out DONATE NOW button on every page of your website. Make sure it links directly to the donation form, not to more pages describing why or how a visitor should donate. Don’t let your design team convince you that the button should look subtle or seamless.
  2. Include an obvious link to e-newsletter sign-ups on your home page, ideally above the fold. People will not search for this. They need to see it clearly while they’re using your content.
  3. Move to a simple, single-page giving form that ONLY includes information you need to processes the donation and communicate with the donor. Gather other information later. It will give you good reason to reach out and cultivate your donors.

The keys to an effective online fundraising program are: