Track it

June 28, 2017

Direct mail tracking is standard at the vast majority of organizations. It’s critical to understand what worked and to inform future improvements.

When it comes to email and online efforts, tracking is not yet standard practice for all. Yet it is essential as more donors continue to transition their giving habits to online platforms.

Check out these three metrics for your program:

Do you know what your online donor conversion rate is? (I.e. the number of site visitors who become donors while visiting.) If it’s not .5% or more, you should be working with your web team to maximize donation best practices online.

Do you know how much your email list is growing monthly and annually? This is net growth – adding in new subscribers and subtracting unsubscribes or bad addresses. List growth is essential in any program that aims to raise more funds online. It should be at least 10% annually, ideally even higher.

Do you know what your online donor form completion rate is? (I.e. the number of people who click to the form and then finish the donation.) Even though some people will click through as part of their site exploration, with no real intention of making a donation – if your rate is low, simple form improvements could deliver significant new revenue.

Up next: what do do about this all.