Stronger together?

April 3, 2017

If you follow political news, it’s likely that yesterday’s searing Los Angeles Times editorial showed up in your social media feed.

Today, the New York Times, a competitor of the LA Times on the national news scene, lead their daily e-newsletter with a link to the article.

nyt pic

This is an important reminder of the strategic power of joining together at key times – of the idea that recognizing and sharing other excellent work in your field actually makes you stronger as a convenor, connector, and partner.

It’s the symphony orchestra that keeps its audiences connected to new recordings and amazing performances from other cities. It’s the library foundation that helps its supporters learn about key author visits in town. It’s the nature preserve that shares information about a group hike at a sister preserve. It’s the hospital that touts an important medical breakthrough, even when it wasn’t one of their own.

In these unprecedented times where boundaries are being pushed and pulled in all directions, it’s important to think about which links you can foster to make not just your organization – but your overall mission and cause stronger.

It takes a certain setting aside of a “we’re the best” ego, and a recognition that on some days, when someone else hits it out of the park, it can also be to your advantage to bring it to the fore.