Connect with email

January 12, 2017

Donors with email addresses on your file will give more on average and will stay with you longer.

Yet many organizations still face anxiety over opting new donors in, and thus lose out on the opportunity to deepen connections immediately through welcome email series, e-newsletters and e-reports, action requests, and even additional appeals for donations.

One great way to get past this concern is to place a simple line on your donation form adjacent to the email address line:

“You’ll receive email updates from [organization]. You may unsubscribe any time.”

This allows you to start communicating right away. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Thank them for their gift again a week after they donated with a warm, engaging email that doesn’t include the “business” of the donation, but furthers your message and gives them something interesting to click to.
  • Make sure they start receiving your e-newsletter right away.
  • Send them a note a couple of weeks after their donation reminding them of any donor benefits you offer, and asking them to join your matching gift program.
  • Three weeks to a month after the donation, ask your single gift donors to make the switch over to monthly giving.

If you’ve got an email address on file, don’t hesitate to use it to build a more enriching relationship with your organization, and to offer donors the opportunity to support your work again.