Almost there….

December 22, 2016

The final 10 days of the year is your last, and often best, opportunity to close the deal on the hard work you’ve done to build your case and generate donations.

In this time, it’s tempting to go brief and technical – to get right to the point and remind prospective donors of their tax deduction, for example. After all, haven’t they heard and seen your messages all year long? Don’t they already know how important your cause is?

Of course they have! But it’s still important to remember that when it comes to giving, most people lead with their heart, and many make in-the-moment decisions, particularly online.

If you choose to set aside your passionate “why give” reasons now, you could be encouraging donors to choose another organization that feels more in tune with what they’re aiming to accomplish in this emotion-driven season of giving.

Double down on the passion and urgency – including personal and intriguing subject lines to warrant more opens – and you’ll likely see more success.

Best wishes – happy holidays – and see you in the New Year!