Read the room

November 22, 2016

People who are best able to move an agenda forward tend to be those who can “read the room.” They know when an audience wishes to be inspired, educated, provoked, or lectured, for example, and they can adeptly evolve the tone and texture of their key messages to meet this mood.

In these times of heightened political awareness and activity, it’s particularly essential to fundraising and communications success, to read the concerns and passions of your constituents, and speak directly to their needs.

One powerful way to approach any new communication – be it a fundraising letter, social media post, or presentation – is to think less about “What do I want to say,” and instead focus on:

What can I say that will have the best chance of positively engaging more people with my mission or cause.”

The world will never stand still, so your communications must change over time in order to effectively meet people where they are, and continue to build strong support for your organization.