Breaking through

August 3, 2015

To encourage new donors to join your organization, they must believe in your cause AND believe that their contribution will make a difference. It’s a careful and targeted story that you must weave to make this happen.

As you create your next campaign, check that these elements are included:

  • Emotion – tap into a personal motivator like pride of place… desire to help… concern about an issue…
  • Passion – show that you care, and that you understand they do too
  • Tension – a brief hint at what might happen without their support
  • Hope – a picture of what a world with their support looks like
  • Proof – concrete evidence that you will deliver

TIP: One of the best ways to bring all of these elements to life in one single campaign is to choose just one theme or idea and link your case together under that umbrella. This can be more difficult to execute than the kitchen-sink approach, because it involves you making a choice and taking a stand – but the outcome is that you will weave a stronger story, and the payoff will be greater.