“Must-open” e-communications

February 2, 2015

Just like any blog, website, TV channel, radio station, or print publication, an e-communication is its own medium with a distinct personality, format, content, style, tone, functionality – and loyalty. While it’s not exactly “must-watch TV,” the goal is still to be perceived as “must-open.” To achieve this status…

Re-invigorate your content:

  • Clearly and consistently offer value not readily available elsewhere.
  • Think less about what you want to tell the reader and more about what they actually want to engage with.

Refresh your presentation:

  • Include white space, engaging photos, compelling copy and clear links to ensure readers will actually find, see, absorb, and appreciate what is offered.
  • Use a platform and format that allows easy readability on tablets and phones.

Hone in on your style:

  • Be friendly and conversational without being presumptuous or condescending.
  • Be informative without being promotional.
  • Be engaging without being long-winded.
  • Be alluring without being false.
  • Be understandable without being simplistic.
  • Be surprising… fun… unexpected… memorable.

Most important – measure the outcome.

Keep track of open and click rates over time. Note the most popular content and pay careful attention to the duds. Then give people more of what they’re telling you they want, not just what you want them to see.