How much is too much?

February 6, 2015

E-fundraising generally doesn’t have the staying power, passion quotient, or personal energy achieved with more traditional fundraising techniques like direct mail, telemarketing, and on-air appeals.

On the online platform, it’s simply more difficult to gain attention, generate traction, and persuade people to take action.

That’s why organizations that find the most success in e-fundraising are generally more aggressive with the number of emails sent in a campaign and with the number of campaigns launched in a year.

Yet there remains a delicate balance to be navigated in order to effectively drive action and stay well-connected for the long-term. Because there actually is a limit to how many fundraising appeals people will accept in their in-boxes before they unsubscribe, ceasing communications forever.

Your limit is based on two big things:

1) The strength of your brand. The more valued and beloved your organization is, and the more passionate people feel about it, the more they will be willing to accept and respond to multiple fundraising appeals.

2) Your own online generosity. Organizations that give more than they ask, that deliver regular communications that resonate and add to people’s lives, in addition to fundraising appeals, will have more latitude when it comes to launching powerful and noticeable campaigns.

True success in e-fundraising – in any fundraising for that matter – relies not just on the fundraising, but also on the overall approach of the organization to its donors and prospects.