Dare to change

November 17, 2014

A colleague of ours in public media just shared this:

“We pulled the plug on our Kids Club, our member benefits card, and our largest special event. Retention is up 6%. Monthly donors have grown from 250 to more than 2,000 in a little more than a year. And our on-air drives now account for only 41% of our revenue.”

No doubt these changes came up against initial resistance, but as the world of fundraising and communications continues to evolve, it’s essential that we take a hard look at our legacy programs to ensure we’re spending our staff, volunteer and financial resources on tactics that still have the potential to deliver the greatest return on investment.

This person understands that his job is to maximize net revenue and ensure that the organization is positioned for financial success. His strategic assessment was that these high-touch, resource-intensive programs were no longer paying off, and that the organization’s revenue allocation was out of balance, resulting in low donor retention.

Willingness to face the reality that in this case, change had to come come to open the door for a greater payoff, has set this organization on a path to a stronger financial future.

The answer won’t be the same for every organization. But the questions are always the same.

Dare to ask.

Dare to answer with real information, not just anecdotes.

Then dare to change.