Make it better

July 15, 2014

We’re just back from a conference – inspired by ideas – daunted by options.

Where to begin when this happens to you? Turn your takeaways into action steps and plans:

1) Make choices. You can’t take on every new idea, but no matter how long you’ve been doing this, there’s always a way to look at doing something differently or better. Ask what one part of your program could benefit most from a different or better approach. Then begin to make it so.

2) Do just a little more. The fields of fundraising and marketing face a serious capacity gap as we strive to maintain best practices in techniques that still provide the greatest results, while also becoming expert at managing the rapidly evolving world of online and mobile giving. Select just one new technological technique that you believe has the power to make the most difference in the near-term. Learn more about it and implement it in the coming year.

3) Streamline what you have. Barriers to participation and giving exist everywhere – in our messaging – in our techniques – in our desire to push people to do things the way we prefer rather than the way they prefer. Commit to taking some real time to analyze your program with eyes wide open. Find potential trip-up-points and fix them. Keep your supporters top of mind.