Give it away

July 17, 2014

An organization we work with just spent the better part of a year building and creating a new brand to keep the tone of their work relevant and cohesive into the future. They feel passionate and connected to the outcome. But they’re left with this question: “What next?

The answer: Give it away.

Organizations that truly shine are the ones who set it all free and allow everything they do to belong to the community. These organizations are the ones who understand, “this is not ours… this is yours.” And they behave this way every day at every level of the organization, taking the brand and all of its wonderful sensibility, and turning it outwards towards its constituents, donors and fans.

Hold it tight and people will feel the wall you’ve built.

Let it go and you tap into the human need to take care of things that belong to us. Let people become a part of you and they’ll support you, protect you, and make the work you do even stronger.