Get social

July 21, 2014

Great social media has immediacy – this matters now.

Great social media has context – this matters because…

Great social media inspires – find out more… do more… share more…

Social media is communication, not promotion.

Spend your energy talking about your organization and its priorities, and your posts will slip past glazed eyes in search of more interesting stuff.

Spend your energy actually being interesting and your posts become pause-worthy, build up mindshare, and help people care.

Before you post, ask if it will inspire your readers to do any of the following:

Know. Discover. Do. Create. Pause. Think. Smile. Care. Share.

Add your own words. Build your personal checklist. Then keep on posting.

P.S. Never post just because you think you should. Only post when you have something interesting to say. And don’t forget that interesting doesn’t mean the same thing for every organization and its people. Know what it means for you.