Five ways to connect better

July 8, 2014

Whether passionate or urgent… blunt or gentle… donor communications that perform best are communications that connect. Here are five quick ways to build deeper connections:

1) Make it personal and conversational. People give to people they like, relate to, and understand. Think like they do. Talk like they do. Be one of them.

2) Speak about what matters most to the donor. Instead of grand statements about the value of your organization, dial in to why your organization and programs are important to your donor. Talk about that.

3) Be specific. Tell a story. Weave a tale. Allow people to really see and feel what you’re all about.

4) Eliminate “we” and “us” from your communications. Replace it with “you” and “yours.”

5) Lead with the heart. Be emotional first then back up your emotional appeal with rational proof.