Saying thanks matters

January 12, 2014

In the week that followed the New Year, I received just one email from one organization thanking me for my support in 2013.  As of today, in mid-January, I have yet to receive mail acknowledgements from a number of organizations I supported at year-end.

Here’s something to think about: Automatic acknowledgements aren’t enough.

No matter how passionate and important your message is, its likely fate is to be quickly slipped into the tax file, never to be seen again.

In these busy and distracted days, saying thanks more than once – in ways that are just as heartfelt and noticeable as our requests – matters so much.

Never assume people internalize your message the first time around. Rather, find many ways to connect with them throughout the year. One great time to do this is in January, after the holiday craze is over, when your warm and engaging message has a far greater chance of being read, absorbed, and remembered.

Tell your donors what they did to make the world a better place. Tell them more than once. You won’t regret it. (And it’s never too late!)