Successful year-end campaigns

November 25, 2013

Now is a good time to double-check your year-end efforts before they hit mailboxes and in-boxes in the weeks ahead.

ARE YOU PERSONAL? People connect with and contribute to people. “You’s” and “I’s” should fill your communications rather than the more formal “our supporters” and “we’s.”

ARE YOU TARGETED? This isn’t the time for an “everything but the kitchen sink” story about all you do. Build your communication around one key message. Stick close to your theme and develop it well. 

DO YOU ASK FOR THE MONEY? Ask directly, succinctly and with power. Ask more than once. Don’t ask questions (will you consider a gift?) or be less than assured (we hope you will contribute). Be bold: Your support right now is vital to the future. Make your important contribution today.

Up next: Your hook. How heavy should you go with tax and deadline messages?