Gratitude and appreciation

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the perfect day to share a special touch of gratitude with your supporters.

…A catchy facebook post that says thank you! (Be sure to put an image up along with the post to get more traction… even if it’s just a simple image of a heart.)

…A peppy email that reminds your supporters they are loved.

…Better yet… a surprise phone call. It’s been proven that a well-placed thank you call to a first year donor will improve your retention rate. What if five people from your organization each made just 10 calls today. In less than a half hour, 50 of your donors will be feeling the love! And more of them will return that love when it’s time to renew.

Whatever you do… do something. 

Go with the spirit of the day. Give it a fun twist… be a little less earnest… use exclamation points!!!

Approach it with joy and celebration. And have fun! This is the good part.