Marketing + Fundraising = LOVE

January 30, 2013

But oh… so often we’ve fallen out of love, and we go about begrudging the existence of the other, believing they just don’t “get it.”

Here’s the thing. Marketing and fundraising are intricately entwined. One simply can’t be at it’s best without the other. Here’s why.

The first question your prospective donor will ask is – “Does it matter?” 

“Yes” gets your envelope or email opened. It gets your phone call answered. “Yes” happens because your marketing team effectively built awareness of the value of what your organization does.

The next question is – “Does it matter enough for me to give?” 

Here “Yes” is found inside the fundraising strategy, the message, and the offer – it’s inside your ability to persuade and convince a multitude of individuals to act now in support of your cause.

At the most effective organizations, fundraising and marketing teams work together. They respect the difference in their strategies, techniques and goals. They openly share ideas. And they focus on collaboration rather than control.  

Not inside your organization? It only takes one bold person to to ask for that first date. 
Maybe it’s you.