Back to work!

January 2, 2013

As we begin anew, it’s a great time to remember that the foundation of the year-end fundraising you just completed, lies in the work you do every day… in how you communicate… how you ask… how you appreciate… and how you impact the lives of those you serve. 

Here are two ways to keep your foundation strong in the coming year.  

Streamline your giving experience. This is about every little detail that brings someone closer to a gift, or turns them away. It’s about cutting the clutter, being clear in your messaging and terminology, and creating simple and usable online and direct mail giving forms.

Delight your donors. This is about attitude and service. It’s the way you answer your phone, how you reach out, how you connect, and how you ensure your donors know they’re important.

This year, make care and attention your priority and look for ways to deepen relationships. 
It will pay off.