What do you have?

December 3, 2012

These days, the Oregon Zoo has it all — an amazing baby elephant that’s generating “likes,” buzz and donations aplenty. If only we all had cute little animals to tell our stories and raise more money. 

The fact is, every organization has something special. So what do you have? What’s unique and compelling about your organization? And how does that translate into images and stories to connect emotionally with what you do? 

Well-crafted images and stories can add to the power of your cause.

The Nature Conservancy provides a great example on social media. 

Their post about Giving Tuesday creates a strong connection between nature and people, with an uniquely framed image that invites you to engage in what’s going on.

This fun, limited-time offer has an eye-catching headline, “Get a jump on your tax-deductible donation today and receive a free 2013 calendar, while supplies last!” (Yes, they have animals too….) Yet, it puts a positive spin on donations and has the perfect look and tone for social media.

And finally, they give a nod to the idea of planned giving, with this post, “Spending a lot this holiday season? Here’s a better idea: A charitable gift annuity can provide future income and support nature too! Learn how charitable gift annuities pay you back.” The image they chose is effective because it evokes the very things a nature-lover would care about when planning their legacy — timelessness, beauty, life and preservation.