Details… details….

December 14, 2012

The National Audubon Society‘s year-end campaign combines the idea of holiday giving with a match.

Points awarded for the strong, clear, direct, call-to-action language. “You Count” and “Donate Now,” for example. Points for the bright image of the snowman and birds that effectively draws the eye and generates a warm emotion about the gift you’re about to make.

Two issues:

The donate button on the splash page doesn’t work, at least not on my standard platform and browser. This speaks to the importance of having a plan to test your technology — with multiple testers on multiple platforms and browsers. This is not the time to experience technical glitches that encourage people to click away and give to someone else. A seamless online experience matters.

Audubon’s matching language says, “Donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000, until December 31.” Does this mean that the matching fund is $100,000 total? Or does it mean that it’s virtually unlimited, and every very generous donor who comes through with a giant gift of $100,000 will have their gift matched? Language matters. Here’s more from us about the challenge of challenges here.  

18 days to go…. Make them count! Make them shine!