Go for it!

November 6, 2012

No matter which side you’re on today, if you took our advice and signed up to receive some campaign communications, your email box has been jam packed for weeks on end.  

But what great fodder to learn about how to be strong… how to get to the point… and how to say the same thing over and over, in a plethora of different ways.

Did you notice how the tone was different when the sender was the candidate, the spouse, a celebrity, or a regular person? Or how different emails targeted different types of people?

But the best thing of all was the pure and simple “go for it” factor. How they went after what they wanted… went after it relentlessly… and had zero hesitation in their stance.  

This is absolutely urgent….
It’s time for you to step up….
We must close the gap….
Don’t wait any longer….
It’s your responsibility….
Don’t fool around with this…
Dig deep…

Even though our organizations could never get away with sending an email a day… we can use these techniques to strengthen the work we do… to “go for it” in every way.

Best line from last weekend: “This is me saying goodbye to your inbox.”

And give yourself a moment today to savor the remarkable nature of the freedoms we have. May they one day exist for all.

**Tomorrow: text-to-give… is it for you?