A big week for fundraising

November 5, 2012

A national election coupled with continued recovery efforts from storm devastation on the east coast brings a tight focus on fundraising in a week where hundreds of millions of dollars will be contributed by people all across the nation.

In addition to making your own personal contribution choices, it’s an invaluable opportunity to explore how the organizations on the front line respond.

For example, take a look at the Red Cross website.  

Check out the use of photos that include people… how the hurricane is mentioned front and center… and how they place the big red donate button right inside the main photo.Very effective.

Then look at their online giving form. The Red Cross knows that thousands and thousands of people will visit their site to make small, one-time donations. They also know that there’s a slim chance these folks will donate again before the next crisis comes around.

So right under the gift amount box, they immediately offer the option to make it a monthly donation. And they label the header “multiply your impact.”  Nicely done! A simple and powerful way to signify the “goodness” of making this choice, while still allowing people the opportunity to feel great about making a single gift too.

There are many other organizations involved in important relief efforts for people impacted by the storm, like the United Way, Salvation Army and World Vision. Check them out and see what you think.

**Tuesday we talk politics…. Wednesday, text-to-give.