Splash… or sink…

October 5, 2012

There’s increasing thinking… perhaps confirmed by your own actions… that splash pages and pop-ups are creating new habits — teaching us to click away before we even engage.

It’s a theory worth considering if your major year-end online presence is centered around a splash page strategy.

Think about it this way.  When people come to your site, they’re looking for something specific. They expect to find it quickly.  And your splash page is in their way.

It could be that a better strategy is to place a stronger focus on how you use your giving button real estate in that that upper right hand corner — on every single page of your site —  which will make your campaign pop the entire time they’re with you.
When you do that, you’ll have a more permanent, urgent presence. And you’ll give your visitors more of an opportunity to be inspired and take part on their own terms, in a more open frame of mind that just may inspire more donations.