The view from here

August 7, 2012
This time of year, many of us travel elsewhere to seek a different view or experience. When it comes to your organization, the most important view is of the place you do your work.
Do you know why people love to live in your community? Maybe it’s the natural beauty… or perhaps it’s the cultural scene… or maybe it’s a small town independent feel… or the energy and diversity of a metropolis…. 
There are so many different ways a place can be brilliant to people who live there. And place deeply defines us.  It’s our community.  It’s the feel of our surroundings.  It’s the conscious choices we make about where we spend our time.
Open your doors to the sensibilities of your community. Make place a part of who you are. Highlight how your organization contributes to the specialness of the community where you belong. And you’ll connect so much more completely with people.