Sizzling e-newsletters part II

August 24, 2012
How do you know if you’re providing amazing content?
Track your open rate. If it’s steady or increasing, you’re probably giving people at least some of what they want.  
Track what people click on. Work to find or create more content that’s similar to the stuff that encourages people to find out more and spend more time with you.  
If you have a share function, track what type of content is shared most by your subscribers.
Track what you hear. Ask people what they think.  Ask them what they like.  Ask them what they think would be interesting or helpful.

Write it down. Put it all in a report.  Don’t trust your memory.

How do you find all this amazing content in your already busy day? 
Create a posse. Find a group of people who understand what you’re trying to accomplish — people who love to surf the web and find cool stuff. Then start finding and sharing stuff with each other.  

Not only do you have more finders of great stuff… but you also have a built in pre-publishing feedback loop. Let the posse decide the awesomeness quotient before you send it out to the public. 

Have fun finding and creating!