The freedom to dream

July 4, 2012
With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in America, it’s understandable that we expend a lot of energy worrying about competitors, obstacles and limited resources.
On this special day, let’s view it through a different lens. Let’s allow some sparkle in, and recognize the brilliance of what this multitude of organizations stands for.
… for the freedom to care about the things that matter most to us, be it animals or children, trees or opera, justice or peace, or any number of important things…

… and for the freedom to dream up a myriad of extraordinary places — like libraries and concert halls and zoos and museums and nature preserves and schools and medical clinics…

… places that support people, build community, inspire ideas and foster imagination.

How fortunate we are — that in the profession we’ve chosen — we’re the one’s who get to invite people along on this journey every single day — to make all of our dreams bigger, better and even more meaningful. 

Happy Independence Day!