Lessons from Ikea

July 2, 2012
Sleek. Simple. Inexpensive. That’s why we shop there. Ikea knows it. And they’re brilliant at reminding us that they know it.
The big arrows that make sure we don’t get lost are just the beginning. The reminders continue throughout the store with little touches everywhere. Fully furnished sample rooms say “Look! This is so easy!” Happy signs around every corner confirm over and over, that choosing Ikea is the right thing to do.  
Just when we start to think, “Maybe this isn’t all that great…”
Ikea’s right there to say “Yes it is! And here’s why….”
So by all means, clear your table, and have fun doing it! 
Because it’s all about you! And it’s so easy!
Have you taken the opportunity to drill down into why people engage with your organization? And then to relentlessly connect people with those reasons? That’s what Ikea does so well. 

It’s about continually reminding your constituents and supporters — in all sorts of different ways — why they care, and why they should feel great to be a part of what you do. It will build your brand and deliver more support to your organization.

Because we all want to feel great about our choices.  It’s up to you to point the way.