It’s not about you

June 13, 2012
Yesterday, in my email box, I received an update from the President of an organization I support, which perhaps should have been sent to my actual mailbox (a subject for another day.)
It was clear that this organization accomplished fine work over the past year. Yet, I didn’t engage in the piece at all. 
Because the letter wasn’t about me.  
It didn’t help me build my story about why I support this organization.  And it didn’t help me see the vision and stories of other people in the community who are enriched by this organization.
It’s pretty simple. You’re either talking about “us” or you’re talking about “them.”
Check your copy.  In this particular piece, the word “we” was used 34 times. The word “you” was used only five times and didn’t appear until the final paragraph when I was asked to make a special fiscal year-end gift. 

Whose story are you telling? It makes a difference.