Fun with politics

June 14, 2012
It’s Flag Day.  And the drama of the election season is heating up.

Here’s how you can tap into some of that good old passionate American zeal.

Sign up for some email lists. 
Maybe make a small donation.
Then think about the communications you receive.

How are they crafted?
What techniques are used to engage with the audience?
What kind of language is employed?
What offers are put forward?
How do they close the sale?
How often do you receive communications? 

Be sure to check out Obama and Romney’s web sites. 
Is your online giving form as simple and sleek as theirs?
They truly offer zero incentive to bail. Which is proven to raise more money.
And check out their gift ladders.  Everything you do sends a message.

Political campaigns deliver an urgency that few organizations can maintain, unless you engage in crisis fundraising. And that’s a bad idea unless your organization, or the people you serve, actually face a crisis. 

Still, it’s a hotbed of ideas that we can all enjoy watching… and maybe even stealing!