Your Election Day

May 15, 2012

Today is Election Day in Oregon.  For months, candidates have stated their cases, canvassed the neighborhoods, debated and done their best to convince us that they are our guy, or gal.

All of their time, money and energy have been spent toward one ultimate act – they want our vote.  Without it, their mission ends today.  Which is why at each step in the campaign, the candidates have been clear about what they’re asking us to do and what good will happen if we vote for them and what  might happen if we don’t.

For nonprofits, our fundraising and communications efforts should be just as clear and compelling.  Do we articulate our mission in every activity, do we invite prospects to participate in a meaningful way, and do we remind them of their impact and thus, our impact? 

So today, and in the days ahead, let’s remember that as fundraisers, our campaign doesn’t end on one particular day – every day is Election Day.   It’s up to us to remind our constituents at each and every opportunity that our organization is worthy of their vote.