Mailbox challenges

May 25, 2012
They’re going green… their mailbox is full… they want less mail.  
There’s an app for that.  
Snap a quick photo of the offending mail and the folks at PaperKarma send your organization a request to remove them from your list. Your heart sinks just a bit because you’ve lost the ability to communicate with someone.
But all is not lost.
More and more, people expect control over the communication they receive.  It’s our responsibility to be prepared, responsive and respectful of their wishes.
To get started, make sure you have clear codes set up in your database.  Some people don’t want phone calls. Some want renewal reminders, but not additional appeals during the year. Some only want emails. They expect you to know what they want.
To take it a step further, turn these interactions into a conversation.  Ask the person how they would like to hear from you.  Ask for an email address. Let them know how to find you on facebook or how to get to your blog or e-newsletter so they can stay connected.
And better yet, turn your interaction into an opportunity to encourage them to become a sustainer, or ongoing monthly donor.  Then everyone wins. Your organization thrives and your donors stay involved and green. 
That’s the kind of karma we can all get behind.