Donate for mom

May 11, 2012

“What better way to celebrate Mom than by supporting mothers in need around the world.” That’s what MercyCorps says in a link to their special mom-branded giving page.

Heifer International gets high marks for cleverness. “This year, don’t get her goat… GIVE a goat in her honor and help a mom in need.” Their fun infographic and upbeat video are worth checking out.

Even President Obama is getting in the game.

Celebration-driven giving can be engaging and effective. But it’s no simple thing to manage. Here’s how to find out if you’re ready to test it out.

Is your year-round fundraising program solid? Basics always come before the sizzle. If you’re challenged to deliver monthly renewals and acknowledgements for example, special appeals shouldn’t be a priority yet.

Do you have adequate resources?  From custom online forms to graphics, print, video and more, successful campaigns require added time, effort, production and coordination.

Do you have the creative bandwidth? These initiatives demand a team that can imagine, design, and write with passion, wit and style. 

But if you are ready to put some sparkly icing on your fundraising cake, venture forth and have a ton of fun! It has the potential to get noticed and raise more money for your cause.