Change or DIE

May 31, 2012
To continue with our thinking about change, here’s an insightful look at how one funder sees it.
Doug Stamm, CEO of the Meyer Memorial Trust challenges us to view change as an opportunity to be seized. His not-for-the-faint-of-heart themes are: Disruption. Impact. Empathy. Or DIE.
Here’s just a bit of his advice on how not to die:
Face the disruption. Embrace technology.  Form innovative partnerships.  Lean in to diversity, complexity and interconnectedness.
Understand the demand for impact.  Continually ask questions. Show evidence of success.  Be candid about failure. Build a movement, not a franchise.
Make it your job to marry outcomes and empathy. Care. Connect people to a common community, purpose and cause. Inspire action that makes our ever-changing world a better place.

The full version of his encouraging and thoughtful ideas can be found here.