The big post-election unsubscribe…

November 7, 2016

With so much e-noise in this election year, it’s been extremely difficult to discern which messages and techniques are testing out the strongest.

So while we wait for the analysts to come out with assessments, it’s a good chance to test out unsubscribe processes and compare them to your own.

Does your unsubscribe page…

  • Give subscribers a reason or two to stay?
  • Offer the choice to receive fewer emails rather than none at all?
  • Offer choices as to the types of emails they wish to receive?
  • Ask subscribers to share why they’re leaving to further your knowledge?
  • Process the request in 24 hours or less to avoid confusion or annoyance?

As we tested out the experience at a number of political organizations, this caught our eye as an interesting technique to leave the door open just a crack – but always within the respectful context of the fact that you may eventually communicate with someone who did, at one time, ask for no emails.