It’s time to connect

November 11, 2016

Following an election that rocked many people to the core, something incredible has been happening in the nonprofit sphere.

Organizations large and small, from all around the nation are reaching out to their  constituents with reassurances that vulnerable populations will not be forgotten… that critical outreach will go on… that lifesaving work will continue… and that the devotion to maintaining our most treasured freedoms will remain a priority.

Messages are brimming with renewed purpose and commitment to missions, causes, and people.

  • A public radio station reminded its community of its continued commitment to public service journalism, civility, and including people from across the political spectrum.
  • A social service organization reminded its community of the power we have in each other, of the meaningful progress already made, and of its unwavering commitment to social justice.
  • A humanitarian aid organization renewed its commitment to helping vulnerable people around the world survive crisis, overcome adversity, and transform their communities for good.
  • And a library reminded its community of the important role it plays in providing opportunity, information, and resources for all.

The strongest messages include concrete examples of recent service provided, plus action steps people can take, such as making a donation or offering to help educate newly elected lawmakers.

This is a critical time to be confident, compassionate, and connected. It’s vital to be ready with sincere, meaningful messages when your community most needs to hear from you.

If you haven’t yet taken action, the post-election news cycle remains very active, and you can still make the most of this valuable opportunity to build renewed loyalty to your valuable mission.