Five ways to beat the odds

August 8, 2016

The most recent quarterly report from Target Analytics shows that the total universe of donors is down 25% since 2005. The percent of new donors on organization files is down 39%.

Yet some organizations are beating these odds.

Here are five things they do to ensure that revenue success isn’t left up to chance:

  1. Develop a powerful, well-defined message of impact and stick to it
  2. Keep more of the donors you already have through engaging, year-round cultivation and impeccable retention techniques
  3. Focus on sustained monthly donors – they’ll stick with you longer and make higher average gifts, helping shore up revenue from smaller files
  4. Keep fundraising in all channels – direct mail, email, telephone, social, events, other media – don’t let up
  5. Keep talking to your former donors – they’re your strongest pool for acquisition