Year-end giving: Six easy steps

November 10, 2015

More dollars are donated between Thanksgiving and the New Year than at any other time of the year. That means it’s time to check and double-check that your plan is solid.

  1. Write a warm, heartfelt Thanksgiving appreciation email to arrive in donor in-boxes on the holiday. Remind your supporters how important they are before you launch your year-end campaign.
  2. Make sure your direct mail is written, designed and ready to go. Get it in homes right around December 1. Don’t forget a follow-up letter two weeks later to maximize response.
  3. Build an e-plan that aims for opens and action. Send at least five fundraising e-mails between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Make use of booster techniques like challenges, countdowns and goals.
  4. Ensure a strong web presence that’s more than just a giving button on the home page. Include tile ads, images, donor stories or articles to inspire additional giving.
  5. Don’t leave social media out. It won’t directly deliver much revenue, but will keep your campaign and organization top of mind, priming the pump for donor and prospect action when they receive your mail and e-mail.
  6. Prepare your thank you’s and be ready to launch them in the first week of the new year to keep the warm glow alive and keep donor connections strong all year through.