On Sustainers: Part 3

October 30, 2012

Yep! Sustainers really are great. And now you want all your supporters to be sustainers, right?  Well, that’s just a dream.  But there are things you can do to have a piece of that dream. 

Talk up your sustainer program often. Use these key selling points… “it’s simple… it’s easy… it’s great for you and great for us!” Make your program highly visible on your website and create a simple online sign up.

And avoid potential peril:

In your fervor to create new converts, continue to be inclusive of those who want to make single gifts. Too much sustainer talk risks depressing your overall response. We’ve seen it happen, particularly in the mail. Just like we all did when we started encouraging credit card giving many years ago… and later online giving… keep it in front of people as an exciting opportunity, but don’t go overboard.

Remember that sustained giving is merely one way to give… it’s a choice, just like writing a check or calling in a donation or making a contribution online. People still need to be convinced to give in the first place by your brilliant fundraising eloquence. And they need to know that you value their donation no matter how they choose to give.  

That’s being donor-centric.

(If you missed our first two posts on sustainers, you can link to them over there on the right.)