Our goals

September 27, 2012

I just set a goal. We might not reach it. But that’s OK, because I think this goal has the best chance to inspire maximum donations. 

As fundraisers, setting goals is a key part of what we do.

How much can we raise? How many supporters will join in? Are we willing to stretch? Or should we aim for the predictably reachable? Will we let our constituents know what our goal is? Will that encourage or discourage support? Will it sound achievable to them? Will we update them on our progress? Will we let them know if we fail?

So many considerations. Yet so important, because goals have the power to drive or stall your efforts.

To set effective goals that can make your organization stronger, you need to know three things:
1) The history of your program
2) The current circumstances
3) How much risk you and your organization are willing to assume.

Goals can have a big emotional impact on your staff and prospects. Be knowledgeable and aware when you set them, and be prepared to see them through.